Album cover iijft
Album cover iijft

From the album If It's Just For Tonight

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(Duet with Robin S. Gilley)
Blair Gilley / Dax McCall


Anything I am

You're so set on a course,
So you give up to see where goes,
(And it goes)
It's going to be a long day waiting on the night to call
But then you went the wrong way
There's No one's there to catch your fall

If this is what you want
it's what you need
it isn't anything I am
it's in your heart
it's what you bleed
it isn't anything I am
it isn't anything I am

You're so bruised to the core
you cry, you beg, you plead
your wanting more
It's going to be a long night waiting on the stars to fall
and yeah you went the wrong way there's nothing I can/ would do at all


It was an honest mistake
I missed you on 4 July
I still remember how bad it taste
to have to kiss the tears
that fall from your eyes
And now it's just a little too late
to watch you try and sell what you hide
to watch you run, to watch you burn, to watch you crawl.......
Catch me if I fall

Chorus out
Answers: Go on, tell me You like it you need it