The short of it.... Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA until I was 23, then moved to Atlanta to pursue my dream of music. I had an amazing life there and memories that will last forever. Put out records with my bands Field Day & GoodNight City, toured the country, met the most amazing unforgettable characters on the planet & experienced life to the fullest. I then moved to Nashville, TN & started chapter 2 of music with my band Flight Case For Sushi In 2008.

We made the most amazing record I have ever been involved with until that time & got picked up by a label. We toured for a few years but eventually broke up after the deal went away and a few members wanting to pursue other avenues in life. But I wasn’t ready to stop doing what I so passionately loved. It was a crazy and confusing time in life both professionally and personally. After that, I decided to step out on my own and make a record to document the last few years of my journey in this world. It has been a window into self discovery and the most exciting and terrifying thing I’ve ever done, and I’m loving every minute of it.

The road is where I find life to be lived the most. Please feel free to contact me for session work, touring, writing, gigging, audio video work, etc. in all things music.  Im fueled off of constantly meeting new people and finding new adventures.