1. Diamond Ring

From the recordings Moores Lane EP and If It's Just For Tonight

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Blair Gilley

Baby baby why you treat me this way,
I don't know but i think I'm here to say
All I know is that you sealed it w/ a kiss
But then you turned on my heart
And ripped it out my chest

And I don't understand why it ended this way
Cause you left me in the night of that cold dark day
My destiny is gone w/o a manifest
Yeah you turned on my heart
Like cardiac arrest

Every night I hope you kneel & pray

Give me back that Diamond Ring
Please give me everything
Everything you need to know
I want you back, so start to
Take back my heart again
Please give me everything
Everything you need to show
I want you back
In life... ya never know

Arrow to my heart
But ill take in on the chin
Cause you lied to me baby when you let him in
You've taken all my best
So you better not start,
to rewrite this book
before we learn to walk

Say.. And I don't know just where I'm going to go
what I'm going to do or who I'm going to know
How I'm going to see, to believe in me, to make the next move, from friend to enemy
To a life that's changed in so many ways,
where burns my brain Just to think of the days, of so much shame, puzzled face in the rain,
an overload of Passion on a oneway/ runaway train

& every night I hope you Kneel & pray

Chorus -

yeah I want you so bad
& I need you in my life
But I won't take you back
Cause no one rips my heart out

Now I can comprehend just Where I'm supposed to be,
and it's times like these that sometimes set us free,
but listen to me clear when I'm shouting out to you
now I understand just what U had to do

Now every night I know you'll kneel and pray