2015 - January Noise
After leaving the country world, I finally got the opportunity to put together the band I've been trying to put together for 3 years. Everything came through this year and I'm back in the drivers seat and truly living out my passion. #Blessed
Please check out January Noise & the new Lyric video for Hopelessly. 
“I have a love for everything from Chuck Berry to Foo Fighters & Kings of Leon, all the way to Lady Gaga,” professes Nashville-based recording artist Blair Gilley, whose potpourri of influences and scrupulous approach to songwriting have made Gilley one of the most buzzed about performers of Music City’s rock scene.

Rising from the ashes of a botched major label deal and subsequent dissolution of his former band Flight Case For Sushi, Gilley is currently forging forward as front-man and chief songwriter of his own solo project.

“Being a guitar player for years, and now stepping into the roles of principal songwriter and lead singer is indescribably rewarding. Although the last two years of my life have been full of changes and adversity, my experiences have become the backdrop for the story I want my songs to tell.”

“I hope this record is as much of a journey for listeners as these past few years have been for me.”

As far as the live show, Gilley ads "You walk away knowing who I am, what I'm about & what I believe. The show is passionate, energetic, raw & entertaining. I believe in the artists from yesterday that put it all out there & made you walk away as believers every single night."  

Haas Amplification introduces the brand new Snakebite EBG Amplifier. (Everett Blair Gilley Signature Model)


The heart, soul and sweat of the Snakebite combined with real-world design input from seasoned guitar slinger (Everett) Blair Gilley, is the Snakebite EBG.

Featuring two unique channels, Channel 1 delivers dense round clean tones while a tap on the footswitch sends you deep into the world of thick punchy tube saturated overdrive madness found in Channel 2. A tap on the second foot switch button engages a variable boost mode, active for both channels, which gives you enough added horsepower to cut through the busiest of mixes. In additiona to the variable level increase, the boost mode also alters the EQ curve to provide an increased mid-high frequency bump to give you tone just a touch more “visibility”.

A tube buffered series effects loop is accessed from the back panel and allows for inserting time-based effects in the signal chain between the tube overdrive of the preamp, and the 6L6 driven power amp. The Snakebite delivers 60 Watts of clean power via two 6L6 power tubes.

Moores Lane EP

by Blair Gilley

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Elvis Costello and Billy Joel ran into Green Day and Muse in the left side of the Twix factory at a meet and greet, decided to make something delicious for the right side of the factory, and out came the follow up to the About Home EP. Originally recorded for the 2013 Kickstarter Campaign Backers. Now available to everyone.

  1. 1 Moores Lane 03:54
  2. 2
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    Diamond Ring 04:44
  3. 3
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    Kid In My House 03:55
Blair Gilley - About Home. Nashville rocker Blair Gilley, after fronting a couple of bands, goes solo with impressive results on his debut EP which brings to mind the likes of Oasis and Green Day in their poppier moments. This is "modern-sounding" power pop that also calls to mind Rooney, especially on the anthemic opener "Hopelessly". The power ballad "My Communication" slows things down to a degree but works equally as well, and the real winner here is the closer "What You Do to Yourself" which sports an indelible chorus. A brash and impressive debut.  Absolute Powerpop

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